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VishwaVed Farms is your perfect getaway that is spread across 20,000 sq. ft. completely surrounded by lush greenery set in tranquility. Designed to be your home away from home, we give you a complete, cozy, comforting space that offers you divine relaxation.

farmhouse near sinhagad fort

The best holidays ever

VishwaVed Farms,

a farmhouse in Velhe

is an idyllic place to plan a retreat set into the depths of nature and enjoy the picnic spots near Pune. From planning your one-day outings to romantic weekend getaways or even an adventure filled week, the bungalow gives you a complete feel of a home away from your home.

Get rejuvenated and hit the refresh button with trekking, site gazing, and letting loose with close proximity to the beautiful waterfalls, dams, and the mountains. While taking care of your simplistic needs, we give you a vacation home that helps you gather memories of comfort and elegance. VishwaVed Farms have been tailored to meet the comfort of travelers may it be families, vacationers or youngsters. We believe in the timeless and authentic values we exhibit through comfort and care, which are the true foundation essentially required for positive guest experience.

picnic spots near Pune


Explore the nature’s beauty by trekking to Torna, Rajgad, and Sinhagad Fort. Each with unique landscape, ineffable beauty, and endless adventure.

farmhouse in Velhe


Connect with the good energies, the positive vibes, and enriching soul of Baneshwar temple located within 20 Km from the farmhouse.

farmhouse near Rajgad fort


Silence speaks the bravest language. Sit next to the beautiful Gunjavane Dam, assimilate the beauty of Madhe Ghat Waterfall, and relax ruminating on the important and lost questions of life.